Hello and thanks for stopping by! Tedesco's Sauce Company is a small, family owned business based out of Northern Virginia, with Northern New Jersey roots. 

My name is Tim Tedesco, owner of Tedesco's. I am a fourth generation Italian American and was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. I grew up learning various cooking skills like tossing pizza dough, fileting chicken cutlets, and ofcourse, making tomato sauces from my dad and uncles I loved every second of it and still do to this day. 

I moved to Northern Virginia after achieving my life long dream of becoming a career Firefighter/EMT, which I still currently do full time. After moving, I achieved lifelong dream number 2 and opened Tedesco's Sauce Company. At Tedesco's, our mission is to share with you the products that made every Sunday dinner special in my family's home. Our Tomato Sauce recipes are well over 100+ years old and still light up the taste buds. These time tested and proven recipes are a reflection of 4 generations of hard work, dedication, love, and passion and I am honored to have the opportunity to share them with you. 

We are so excited to be sharing our most cherished family traditions with you and hope you enjoy them with your family as we have with ours for so many years!

Our Small Batch Sauces